Manage your appliance with single point. Internet of Things (IoT) is a solution to integrated bundle of technologies to help you manage all of your appliance easier through internet. You can manage all of supported appliance with your voice directly or with help of your smartphone.

What Appliance can be managed?

Smart Bulb

Come with 9W/12W variant that can use for room or desk lamp. It can use in RGB or White/Yellow mode.

Smart Extension Power Strip

Easily control your electronic device that plugged into the powerstrip like printer, charger, and more.

IR Blaster

Manage traditional electronic with Infrared support like Air Conditioner and manage it on your smartphone

Smart Sensors

Identify your presence to automatically turn on/off your lamp and temperature/humidify sensor to adjust your setting.

Smart Doorlock

Enhance the security of your place with RFID, Fingerprint and PIN password and manage the door for your guest in your smartphone.

Automation System

Smart Automation

Control everything with one simple command. For example it called Office Mode, it can turn everything that is registered in this mode so it will turn on/off at one time or can be scheduled.